• Safety Tips to Keep in Mind While in the Field – Besides Wearing Your Hard Hat!

    When working on a construction site, you have to remain vigilant at all times. Construction work is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous occupations since you are often dealing with heights, large and heavy equipment, deep holes, unstable stairs, hard edges, and falling objects on a daily basis. A lot can go wrong if you are not paying attention, so follow these tips provided by the experts at George Rullo and Associates to help keep you safe in the field.

    Wear the proper apparel

    First thing’s first, don’t step out onto the field until you are properly attired. Hard hats and protective eyewear are a must, obviously, but you should also have:

    • Ear plugs or muffs for noisy areas
    • Protective gloves when dealing with toxic chemicals
    • Anti-slip footwear
    • Full harnesses when you are working at heights
    • Highly visible clothing
    • Climate protective gear

    Know the location of the first aid kit

    While your goal every day should be to work safely and avoid accidents, you should always know where the first aid supplies are just in case. Your job site should have basic supplies for cuts, minor burns, and falls. Not only will this help give you peace of mind should something happen, but allow you to address minor situations and return to work as soon as possible. If you do not know the location of the first aid kit, speak with a supervisor immediately.

    Double check your work areas

    Scaffolds and ladders are common pieces of equipment that often lead to a high number of workplace injuries. For starters, never work on an incomplete scaffold or one that has not been inspected by a professional. Check all ladders thoroughly before use to ensure that it is of proper strength and height. Preferably, the ladder should be fastened or secured, but if not, then have someone manually hold it to prevent a fall. Also watch out for:

    • Places without fencing or with broken or damaged fencing
    • Evidence of water near electrical equipment
    • Work spaces directly underneath heavy suspended loads
    • Chemicals or combustible materials

    Be diligent when working with heavy equipment

    Working with heavy equipment always presents unique challenges on the job site, so take the necessary safety precautions to protect yourself and nearby coworkers.

    • Follow all safety precautions listed for the equipment.
    • Since climbing on and getting off of machines causes more injuries than any other activity on a construction site, make sure to examine your boots and gloves, secure a stable handhold, and watch out for slippery surfaces before proceeding.
    • Before backing up, climb out of the machine and check the area behind you.
    • If you cannot see clearly, ask someone to guide you.
    • Make sure the machine is at zero-point energy before unloading or loading.
    • Always stay centered on ramps.

    If you would like to hear more tips for staying safe on the job site, call 732-580-8668 today!