About George Rullo

Founder of George Rullo Associates

George is the founder of George Rullo Associates, a full-service Commercial Construction consulting firm. GRA assists small to large construction companies on all facets of the industry. Notable projects range from ground up projects to restoration/expansion with project costs from 1.5m to over $22M.

Like a duck to water, George is a proud 3 rd generation of experts in Construction. As a card-carrying Jersey boy, being a builder was in his blood– he had a brief interest as a car mechanic before he built his own journey as a Construction expert. George has never lost his love for the industry – 38 years and counting! He is drawn to beauty in the complexity of producing the finished product; to be a part of the history of a building and/or structure that lasts. He respects the base level satisfaction that comes with doing an honest day’s work and being able to see the results of hard work in building something that other’s will use and enjoy for a lifetime.

George started from the ground floor up; learning every facet of the industry and becoming a master craftsman himself. After successfully mastering the field level skills, George built a series of successful companies that handled multi-million dollar projects for municipal, institutional and private companies and employed thousands.

Long considered ‘the construction whisperer’ within the industry, setting the bar and standards in the industry, he was constantly sought out by others in the industry (including competitors; architects, bonding companies and other industry-centric businesses) to give advice, review and counsel. Years of juggling both his own profitable and successful construction company and consulting on the side, George decided to expand his reach in the industry and started his Construction Consulting firm over 20 years ago.

The most often used commentary from GRA clients when asked what it means to them when George is part of their team, they quote “If George is on [it] we have nothing to worry about – we know it is handled”.

While often seen as a sensei in the world of Construction, George considers himself a perpetual student of the industry. George works with architects, lawmakers, field staff; small and large businesses and large Bonding companies. When George consults on any project(s), he stays true to his love of the entire business and treats every client’s interests as his own. Tough and fair; relentless follow-through; attention to detail and the ability to masterfully represent his clients (from the laborer in the field to senior decision makers) is just a small taste of what you add to your company’s arsenal when George is part of the equation. In a Word “Dedication”.

George is the proud father of two grown children and added a new son-in-law to the family in September 2016. George has a soft spot for the underdog and is always quietly there helping those in need with no attention on himself. While the end is nowhere near for George, the words to ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra could be a living anthem to the character, tenacity, integrity and commitment that George is about and continues to share with his clients.

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