• How to Stay on Top of Your Most Important and Timely Tasks

    Whether you are running your own business or managing a large project, it is easy to get overwhelmed with everything that needs to happen in order to meet certain deadlines. Usually, there is no playbook that gives you day-to-day directions on how to reach your goals, so many people end up creating massive To Do lists that are intimidating, distracting, and ineffective – the very opposite of their initial intent. When used correctly, To Do lists can help you organize and focus on what is most important.

    To maximize your productivity and ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner, take a look at these helpful tips provided by the expert consultants at George Rullo and Associates !

    Keep it simple

    The objective of a productive To Do list should not be to cross off as many items as possible by the end of the day. People with long To Do lists often focus on the easiest items first just to feel good about themselves. After all, the more items checked off means the more productive you were right?

    Not necessarily.

    Spending an inordinate amount of time completing inane tasks means you did not spend enough time on the ones that really mattered. That’s why a productive To Do list should have no more than three items on it at a time. By prioritizing your tasks, you ensure that the most important things get done first.

    Plan ahead

    At the start of each day, you expend a good amount of time planning what needs to get done in the next 8 (or so) hours. A coffee break here and a few phone calls there and already half of your day has flown by with nothing of value to show for it. When you finally do get down to business, you realize that the most important task you needed to accomplish will take more time than you have left in your work day.

    To avoid this daily routine of inefficiency, write out your To Do list the night before. That way, you will start out each day with clarity, knowing exactly what needs to be done so you have all day to work on it. Just a few minutes of planning ahead can save you a lot of overtime!

    First thing’s first

    The first item on your To Do list should be the most important, the one essential task that needs to get done to move your business forward. Tackle this item first thing in the morning when you are fresh and make sure it is completed to your satisfaction before moving on to anything else. That means before checking your email, returning phone calls, or fulfilling any other requests. Technology will always be there to distract, so set boundaries and make your biggest task your main priority.

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  • Tips for Encouraging Clear and Concise Communication Among Team Members

    Clear and concise communication is the key to ensuring efficient and cohesive working relationships, especially when all of your team members are spread throughout various locations. Whereas erratic communication leads to misunderstandings, frustration, and conflict among team members, effective communication helps build trust and creates an environment that welcomes ideas and problem-solving strategies. In this age of real-time data, information can be sent through various means including text messages, emails, and even social media, providing your team with all of the tools they need to stay on top of their portion of the project at every turn.

    Here are some helpful tips for optimizing communication among your team members and encouraging an efficient and collaborative unit.

    Hone your listening skills

    In order to create an environment where your team feels valued and inspired to freely share ideas, you need to truly listen to what they have to say. They may not always agree with you or with each other, but giving them a safe forum in which to express their ideas and resolve issues in a creative way will save a lot of frustration in the long run.

    • Do not interrupt team members when they are speaking
    • Focus on what is being said, not how you are going to respond
    • Put the smartphone or tablet aside and fully focus on the person speaking

    Optimize emails

    Though email is often the most common form of communication among team members, it is also the area where a lot of things can go wrong. To avoid miscommunications, train your team members on how to respond to emails in a clear and concise manner. All emails should:

    • Have a clear purpose, message, or goal
    • Be easy to understand
    • Stick to the point
    • Not be overly long

    Remove communication barriers

    Team members work best when they can get to know each other and build up a modicum of trust. Seeing how their efforts play into the grand scheme of things and working with other members of the team to reach common goals is also important. By removing communication barriers, the team can solve problems and discuss creative solutions in real time without requiring a project manager to relay information. Encourage your team members to:

    • Discuss ideas amongst themselves and collaborate with each other through instant messaging
    • Hold meetings via video or voice calls to discuss weekly goals or team objectives
    • Call you directly if an urgent matter needs to be discussed so as not to disrupt workflow

    Effective communication can help set the stage for a profitable and enjoyable working environment, especially when messages are clear, concise, and to the point. Not only will your team feel more comfortable working together, but projects will go a lot smoother and potential issues will work themselves out before effecting your deadline. At George Rullo and Associates , we take a great deal of pride in our ability to work as an effective team and our dedication to keeping you updated on your project every step of the way.

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  • Project Management is Not a One-Man Show. Here’s Why You Should Hire Our Commercial Contracting Team.

    When you visit a commercial construction site, you expect to see a lot of people working together to complete the project to the client’s specifications. From site supervisors and engineers to carpenters and electricians, everyone contributes their own unique set of skills to fulfill the project goals. If one member of the team fails to complete their task, the entire project comes to a standstill.

    The same can be said for project management. While there may be one person at the head of the show, projects cannot be completed in a timely manner without every member of the team pulling together. Here are some reasons why project management is not a one-man show and how an efficient project management team is the key to a successful construction project.

    Project managers cannot be in multiple places at once.

    Effective project management is all about gathering information, staying on top of what needs to be done, and passing along critical information to the right parties. If a single person was responsible for being present at every site to mitigate issues, tracking down supervisors for status updates, and making sure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing, then many things would fall by the wayside and a lot of people would be standing around waiting for direction.

    But when a project manager works with an efficient and dependable team where everyone provides input into what’s happening on the job site, what things may affect the schedule, and what issues need immediate action, then they can focus their time on what’s best for the project as a whole and not micromanaging every department.

    Project managers do not have time to inspect every aspect of construction.

    Successful project managers know how to apply best practices and use the right tools and techniques to ensure a professional quality construction project. However, they do not have the time to go over every board, stone, or shingle to make sure that everyone upheld the company standards. That’s where the commercial contracting team comes in. Each member of the team supplies real-time updates on the project. An exceptional team, like the one at George Rullo and Associates, really pays attention to the accuracy of information provided and the quality of work completed, voicing any concerns that may delay the project at the earliest possible opportunity so the project manager has time to resolve the issue.

    Collaboration always produces the best results.

    Two (or more) heads are always better than one, especially when each member of the team is an expert in their field. At George Rullo and Associates , our commercial contracting team has decades of hands-on experience successfully navigating complex construction projects. We have the knowledge and skills to manage your project from conception to completion, delivering a stunning finished product profitably, efficiently, and in compliance with all health and safety standards.

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