How to Stay on Top of Your Most Important and Timely Tasks

Whether you are running your own business or managing a large project, it is easy to get overwhelmed with everything that needs to happen in order to meet certain deadlines. Usually, there is no playbook that gives you day-to-day directions on how to reach your goals, so many people end up creating massive To Do lists that are intimidating, distracting, and ineffective – the very opposite of their initial intent. When used correctly, To Do lists can help you organize and focus on what is most important.

To maximize your productivity and ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner, take a look at these helpful tips provided by the expert consultants at George Rullo and Associates !

Keep it simple

The objective of a productive To Do list should not be to cross off as many items as possible by the end of the day. People with long To Do lists often focus on the easiest items first just to feel good about themselves. After all, the more items checked off means the more productive you were right?

Not necessarily.

Spending an inordinate amount of time completing inane tasks means you did not spend enough time on the ones that really mattered. That’s why a productive To Do list should have no more than three items on it at a time. By prioritizing your tasks, you ensure that the most important things get done first.

Plan ahead

At the start of each day, you expend a good amount of time planning what needs to get done in the next 8 (or so) hours. A coffee break here and a few phone calls there and already half of your day has flown by with nothing of value to show for it. When you finally do get down to business, you realize that the most important task you needed to accomplish will take more time than you have left in your work day.

To avoid this daily routine of inefficiency, write out your To Do list the night before. That way, you will start out each day with clarity, knowing exactly what needs to be done so you have all day to work on it. Just a few minutes of planning ahead can save you a lot of overtime!

First thing’s first

The first item on your To Do list should be the most important, the one essential task that needs to get done to move your business forward. Tackle this item first thing in the morning when you are fresh and make sure it is completed to your satisfaction before moving on to anything else. That means before checking your email, returning phone calls, or fulfilling any other requests. Technology will always be there to distract, so set boundaries and make your biggest task your main priority.

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