6 Safety Tips Before Taking on a Commercial Construction Project

Commercial construction projects can be hazardous. Even if you have been working on construction sites your whole life and know all of the safety protocols, you are depending on others to follow the rules, and sometimes things can get overlooked. Safety on a construction site is an absolute must if you want to complete your project on time and without incident. Here are 6 safety tips that can help make your construction site a much safer place.

Make sure your scaffolding is set properly

Over 4,500 workers are injured falling off of scaffolds every year, so make sure your scaffold is set up on solid ground, can hold four times its own weight, is at least 10 feet away from electrical power lines, and is safely accessible via stairwells or ladders. Inspect the guardrails, midrails, toeboards, braces, and other scaffold accessories for damage and repair any weaknesses immediately.

Use the correct ladder for the job

Whether you are working on an interior or exterior construction project, having the right ladder for the job is essential. Be sure that the load rating can support you and that your ladder is long enough to safely reach work areas. Visually inspect the ladder for any structural damage and grease or contaminants that could cause a slip, and never set metallic ladders near power lines or electrical work.

Keep stairways clear of debris

According to OSHA, almost 25,000 people are injured due to falls on ladders and stairways each year. To prevent slip and fall injuries on your job site, keep stairway treads free of debris and immediately correct slippery conditions. Stairs that have four or more risers must have a handrail.

Handle trenching with care

Approach all trenching with caution and never enter an unprotected trench. All debris should be kept at least 2 feet away from the edge of the trench, and a protective system and safety practices like sloping, shoring, and shielding should be utilized to prevent soil movement or collapse. There should also be a safe exit – ladder, stairway, or ramp – no further than 25 feet away from employees at all times.

Have your personal protective equipment (PPE) with you at all times

The first line of defense between you and injury is your PPE. Always wear a hard hat in areas to protect yourself from falling debris. Gloves should fit snugly and work boots should be slip-resistant and puncture-resistant. Protective eyewear or masks should be worn when welding, cutting, grinding, nailing, or when working with electrical systems, concrete, or harmful chemicals.

Stay well away from any machine operating areas

This may seem like an obvious tip, but many backhoe operators will tell you that their biggest headache is people on the ground crowding the machine. Unless you are currently operating a machine, stay away from machine operating areas. When on a machine, use your horn to warn people to stay back, stop when necessary, and check behind you before backing up.

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